Beirut, Lebanon

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Flights to Beirut, Lebanon, where art meets life.

Flights to Beirut with SAUDIA.

SAUDIA takes you to the ancient city nestled between the Lebanon Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Travel to Beirut from Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International with SAUDIA. If you happen to fly Business on one of our new Dreamliners, you’ll be lulled into peaceful relaxation in our Super Diamond seats in the 1x2x1 seating configuration in the cabin. SAUDIA brings you a truly modern flying experience.

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Flights to the thriving commercial city of Beirut.

Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world, stretching back many centuries. The newly rebuilt Beirut Central District (BCD) has long been the site of the city’s downtown and today is its commercial and economic hub. The BCD contains Beirut Souks, a newly retrofitted shopping and leisure area with over 200 shops, two dozen eateries, and a movie theater, all designed along the Greek street layout and around public squares. The BCD rubs elbows with the sea and to experience both, no better way than a long walkfrom end to end almost five kilometersalong the Corniche Beirut. Popular with joggers too, you can try out your paces in preparation for the Beirut Marathon, held since 2003, which attracts tens of thousands of runners. Following the coast down, you’ll arrive at the upscale Raouché neighborhood and its stunning cliffs and the Pigeons Rocks, huge rock formations jutting out of the sea.

Travel from Jeddah to Beirut

The Mohammed Al Amin Mosque, opened in 2008, is a dark orange yellow with almost 50 meter high light blue domes and its four minarets that pierce the city’s skyline. If you’d like to dive a bit further deeper into the past, the National Museum of Beirut will get you up to speed on Lebanon’s lengthy and busy history. Beirut’s local and visiting residents have never stopped creating and the city has long been known as an art hotspot. The Beirut Art Center always has something interesting on display or programmed. The Souk el Tayeb is an outdoor farmer’s market whose aim is to bring together traditional farming techniques and production with modern consumption habits. Held twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays), it is filled with stands from local farmers and artisans with organic and conventional produce, crafts, and activities for kids.