Traveling with Disability


Passengers with Special Needs

SAUDIA is dedicated to provide an award winning service to all its special needs customers. The following information is provided to assist customers with special needs in planning their trip with us.

Please Note that every person with a special need is different. You are the best judge of the services you may require. Our reservation officers will be happy to provide you with all the information that you need.

When you’ve made your reservation and stated your requirements 48 hours in advance, simply call our Special Needs Unit on +966 12 6860840 or +966 12 6860850 between 07:30 am to 03:30 PM Sunday to Thursday and everything will be arranged to ensure a smooth flight – from departure to arrival.

On Board The Aircraft

Flight attendants welcome the disabled passengers on board and ensure he or she is comfortably seated. They will offer assistance to semi-ambulatory customers in getting to/from their seat during boarding and disembarkation and to/from the onboard lavatory. They may assist with loading and retrieving carry-on items and other assistive devises stowed on board the aircraft. They will also assist with meal preparation such as opening packages and identifying items.


Reservation Advance Notice

For reservations, please call our reservation center and tell us what your requirements are. If you are not sure of the available services, you may ask our agents to inform you with the best way we can meet your special needs.


Special Needs Services Available