Communicable Diseases


  1. All travelers onboard SAUDIA aircrafts should have no communicable disease that would jeopardize the safety of other passengers onboard the aircraft.
  2. Any ill passengers travelling on board SAUDIA should have had his MEDIF filled and signed by his treating physician. This would include communicable and no communicable diseases.
  3. All passengers with communicable disease should identify themselves and their disease to any SAUDIA Agents at any of the following points:
    • Ticketing Office.
    • Reservation Office
    • Airport Customer Services Agents
    • Airport Ground Traffic Agents.
  4. SAUDIA has the right to prevent or refuse the transportation of any passenger who would be or might be a medical threat to other passengers.
  5. In case of abrupt health deterioration due to high altitude, or long air travel, SAUDI bears no medico-legal liability to an ill passenger who fails to identify themselves prior to departure.
  6. SAUDIA is not held responsible for the consequences of aircraft cross-infection as result of transporting an ill passenger who failed to identify himself prior to departures.
  7. SAUDIA has an obligation to ill passengers who were able to identify themselves.
  8. In case SAUDIA has accepted the transportation of an identified passenger with communicable disease, then SAUDIA has obligation to ensure the medical safety of other passenger.