On the pages of our Inflight Entertainment magazine you will find a wide selection of in-flight entertainment for all members of the family to enjoy.

Please take the time to go through our guide and see what we have put together for your enjoyment. You will find a colorful variety of subjects and a new, exciting selection of films and programs for you to select from. Sit back, relax and truly let us entertain you.

At all times, SAUDIA tries to meet the needs of all our passengers and takes into consideration cultural backgrounds, interests, ages, and nationalities of everyone that boards our aircrafts. Although we are always conscious of our culture and indigenous values, we nevertheless take time to understand and consider the interests of all passengers. Therefore, our selection is unique and distinct, especially made with YOU in mind.

Our target is to offer you entertainment, information, satisfaction, and smile! That is what air amusement is all about.

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