Self Service Kiosks

Now our customers can print boarding pass from special kiosks that are available in different places around the kingdom, new self service kiosks serve the customers without intervention from anyone and without the need of waiting in queues at Saudia sales offices. As soon as customer has a reservation, he can insert the PNR number to do the following task:


  • Printing boarding pass 24 hour before takeoff.


To find the Kiosk Locations around the Kingdom, click here.

All this can be done by following simple steps and simplified screens...

Printing boarding pass steps as following:


First step, identify yourself by selecting one of these options:
(Click here to enlarge view)

  Second step, insert digital confirmation number (numerical or alphabetical).
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Third step, select your country of nationality.
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  Fourth step, confirm your itinerary and seat.
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Fifth, print your boarding.
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Note: In the first stage, self service kiosks will not deal with booking with international flights or that contain any kind of discounts, or that contain more than 4 segments or more than 9 passengers.

Self Service Kiosk Support 24/7 Phone number: 012-6864473