Time to Think for purchasing tickets

Saudia offers to their respected guests an extension on ticket time limit service “Time To Think”. This service allows guests to keep their booking for a period of time after making a reservation through the website www.saudia.com .This service will allow guests to hold their seats and grantee no fare changes for an extra fee.

The service is available for number of Saudia destinations and dates. The guests can extend the ticket time limit for their bookings in the last step of the reservation process; in the payment page by choosing “ Need more Time to Think” instead of “ Pay Now”. The guests will be charged for the “time to think” server only and will be notified with the last allowed time until to issue tickets.

The service is available for a number of international flights departing in five days or more, and the time to think will be for 48 hours. As for domestic flights, the service will be available for flights departing in three days or more and the time to think will be for 24 hours. This service will only be available according to possibility.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Paid fees are non-refundable and are not part of the ticket price.
  • In case of compulsory change or defect by Saudia’s part, the voucher will be reclaimed with no additional charges. To do this, please call our contact center or by filling the our online contact form on the website.
  • Any changes in the reservation (e.g. time/date/class) will cancel the voucher and change time limit.
  • Time to think for ticket purchase is a service that applies to flights operated by Saudia Airlines.
  • Time to think option is a service that is available for number of destinations and dates with specific prices as shown on the purchase page.