Mobile Services


Mobile Site

The new SAUDIA mobile website gives the customer, accessibility, usability and seamless convenience of accessing website from anywhere, at anytime using their mobile devices. Through the mobile website the user can add meal to PNR, ALFURSAN No. to PNR, Contact No. to PNR, seat selection to PNR. The simplicity lies in accessibility of the existing website and functionality using their mobile devices in a device compatible view and usability. The users have access to check flight Information, flight Schedule and flight availability. User can check in via mobile website check in and contact us.


Interactive SMS

The Interactive SMS Mobile Client (program) facilitates simple and intuitive interface to enquire and transact with SAUDIA' SMS Self Services.

The program offers GUI functions and services that have been designed to work with no data entry except where it is necessary, thereby eliminating key-strokes, mistakes and the need for users to remember specific command codes.


The program is compatible with all popular mobile devices and it comes in four versions:

  • Symbian based mobile devices (i.e. Nokia, Sonny Ericsson, Motorola, etc.), to download click here.
  • Windows based PDAs (i.e. iMate, Eten, O2), to download click here.
  • Smart phone devices, to download click here.
  • BlackBerry devices, to download click here.
  •  iPhone devices , program is only available through Apple's company official site.



Installation is made very easy and seamless which also allows the selection of operator (Aljawal or Mobily) and language (Arabic or English).


To install The program (application) on your mobile:

  • Download the appropriate ZIP file depending on the type of your mobile device. 
  • Save it on your personal computer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file then send the contained file to your mobile device using one of the following ways:

  1. Bluetooth.
  2. Infrared.
  3. Cable and software that connects your mobile device to your personal computer may be used as well to download. (comes with your mobile device).

  • Continue the rest of installation steps on your mobile device.

Once The program is downloaded and installed on the particular device; users could begin to enjoy the speed and up-to-date information facilitated by the following functions that would be sent back by SAUDIA to the same mobile number that sent the SMS with the requested information.

  • Add mobile number.
  • Flight time.
  • Reservation confirmation.
  • Fare display.
  • Reservation cancellation.
  • Flight availability.
  • PNR display.
  • Flight schedule.
  • Time limit inquiry.
  • Help.



Service Discription Guide.

Service Installation Guide.

To view the SMS guide document, you must have Acrobat reader or you can download it directly from the site.