Your exercises while traveling

The pleasure of flying in space, and wonderful dwelling, and careful consideration in the skies surrounding the plane, or those that are at a distance, or even thinking about the Pacific, you may lose this enjoyable feeling if you experience physical discomfort. To be an enjoying traveler, just add some exercise to your travel schedule, which you can do at your seat very easily. Here we review those traveler exercises:

Back Exercises

The traveler stands, from time to time, with his hands on his side and turn his upper body to the right and left "5" times in each side, and also bend his upper body forward from normal position "5" times as well.

Hand Exercises


( A ) ( B ) ( C )


  • Direct your palm of your hand down and extend your thumb towards the wrist, inhale and exhale during, and repeat the exercise with the other palm.
  • Direct the palm of your hand up and extend each finger down. Inhale and exhale during.
  • Rotate your wrists ten times clockwise and then in the opposite direction.
  • Extend and spread your hands.

Feet Exercises


( A ) ( B ) ( B ) ( C )


  • Rotate your ankles ten times clockwise and the opposite direction.
  • Extend your toes to the top and then stretch them down and repeat this ten times per foot.
  • Put your feet on the ground and raise the heels and then release them. repeating it twenty times.

Head Exercises


( A ) ( B ) ( C )
( D ) ( E ) ( F )


  • Tap with your fingers light taps on the top of the head and sides.
  • Use fingers to massage the face from the temples to the jaws, apply light pressure with your fingertips on the eyebrows.
  • Use one finger to massage the bones around the eyes from top to bottom on both sides of the nose.
  • Use your fingers massage the bottom of the jaws. Rotate your jaws to the left five times and then to the right five times.
  • Pulling ears vigorously three times toward the top and outside and down and to the front and rear.

Neck and Shoulders Exercises


( A ) ( B ) ( C )
( D ) ( E ) ( F )


  • Rotate neck slowly five times in each direction and avoid the stretching them force.
  • Raise the shoulders up towards ears and inhale and exhale through it. Repeat this five times.
  • Rotate the shoulders back and then forward five times.
  • Push your head back towards the seat without moving the shoulders and the look to the left and then to the right. Repeat this five times.

These exercises make you feel comfortable as you travel at the same time protect you a lot of trouble, especially on long flights.

We also recommend some of the important medical advice before and during the trip:

  1. Move from time to time.
  2. Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  3. Wear wide shoes during the trip due to pooling of blood in the feet when sitting for long hours.
  4. Avoid the use of coffee and tea in large quantities.
  5. Drink large quantities of water and fruit juice.
  6. Avoid eating heavy meals before or during the trip.
  7. Eat light foods low in fat, sugar and salt. Suffice eating