Special Travel Needs


Special meals

Special meals are provided to passengers according to their wishes on flights where regular meals are available, and upon request during the reservation procedures. Special meals  options include (children / Asians / vegetarian / low salt).


Unaccompanied minors (UM)

SAUDIA accepts the travel of unaccompanied minors when traveling alone or with persons aged fifteen years or more.

SAUDIA deals with the following age groups when children traveling are unaccompanied:

  • Children age five and older, who have not attained the age of twelve, can be accepted to travel alone or with another person aged fifteen years or older.
  • Children age twelve to fifteen can be admitted as unaccompanied children or if parents or guardian requested, they may be treated as unaccompanied children.


The transfer of domestic animals and pets

SAUDIA allows the transfer of pets when placed in a cages and be accompanied by a health certificate proving that they are free of disease as well as a certificate that allows their transport within or across the country if the different conditions of transport as follows:

  • Allows transfer of cats and small birds with the passenger on board with limited cage weight allowance of (5 kg).
  • Importance notice: based on the letter of His Excellency the Secretary of the Minister of Agriculture & delegated Assistant of Livestock Affairs, number 216272 dated on 17/05/1435 H, towards all airline companies working inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on royal number 11361/MB dated on 10/10/1424 H which requires not to allow importing or the entrance of live birds to the Kingdom. Therefore, SAUDIA will not allow the carriage of live birds until reviewing the necessary permits by the Ministry of Agriculture, which proves that they are free of any infectious diseases.
  • Dogs are transported in the plane stores of all Saudi aircrafts except aircraft model (AB300/MD90/B737) because of the lack of ventilation system inside the plane stores.
    Trained Dogs (for the blind and hearing persons) are transported in plane stores without collecting any additional fees from the passenger.
  • For the other transfer of animals (large size / wild) can be accepted to be transported only by air freight after it meets the requirements of regulations by the air freight.
  • Under regulations of the National Authority for the Protection of Wildlife and Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the import, export or transfer of all living organisms and fungal products is not allowed. It is permitted only after obtaining a written approval. 
  • The necessary permit may be obtained through the following address:

    You can obtain the necessary permits to the following address:
    The National Authority for the Protection of Wildlife and Development
    P.O. Box 61681 Riyadh 11575 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    011-441-8700 Fax: 011-441-8413