Web Check-In Terms and Conditions

Web check-in is currently available:

  • On all domestic & selected international flights.
  • For passengers holding a confirmed, valid eTicket only.
  • Any time between (48) hours and up to one hour prior to all flights scheduled departure time.

Passenger data and travel documents information:

  • Please note that all airlines are required by new security laws in several countries to give security, customs and immigration authorities access to passenger data. Accordingly, any information we hold about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to the relevant authorities in these countries in your itinerary. Your data will only be used for security purposes.
  • I hereby certify that all information i have provided (including required APIS/APP information) are true, accurate, and correct.
  • I understand that in the event that i have knowingly or otherwise i have provided any false or inaccurate information, i shall be held liable for any costs, fines, including legal expenses.
  • I understand that I am responsible in having/obtaining a valid identification document, passport, visa, and/or any other travel document throughout my travels which is required by the authorities of the destination country or the countries in transit.

Information of travel document should be already entered in the booking to issue boarding card.

Need to revise the platform (Counter) Check travel at the airport before 3 hours to verify the information and travel documents and this is for international flights only.

Bears the legal responsibility for the health of passenger information and travel documents introduced by him, as well as the validity of the passport and visas required.

Don’t miss your flight

  • Online check-in will be closed 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time for all domestic and international flights.
  • Online check-in cancellation will be allowed until 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time for all domestic and international flights.
  • Departure gates will be closed 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time for all domestic and international flights.
    Note: Issuing the Boarding Passes at Check-in Counters Via Email or receipting of printed boarding pass (Paper).

Web check-in is currently restricted and not available for:

  • Passengers with special service request such as wheelchairs, extra seats, visual and hearing impairment, unaccompanied minors, pets or stretcher case.

Once the boarding pass is printed:

  • For verification purposes, the credit card used for payment and the credit card owner should be present at time of check-in.
  • Guests who have baggage to check are requested to report to baggage drop counter or any vacant counter two hours prior to schedule departure time to complete acceptance of their baggage.
  • You must be present at the boarding gate no later than one hour prior to departure time.
  • It is mandatory to produce a valid photo identification using the web check-in boarding pass for security clearance as well as for boarding (passport/official photo identification).if you fail to comply with this condition, SAUDIA has the right to deny you from boarding.
  • SAUDIA will cancel the seat assigned to you and booked through our on-line check-in facility, if:
    • You fail to arrive at the boarding gate in time.
    • You do not hold valid travel documents, including visa to the final destination and any transit stops, if applicable.
  • SAUDIA cannot delay its flights for passengers arriving late or not holding valid document and no responsibility can be accepted in such case.