History of the 90's

History of the 90's
History of the 90's
1990 An all-cargo route was opened up to Tokyo, Japan as an extension of the Taipei service.
1991 On April 1st, flights started operating to Madras (Chennai), the airline's third Indian destination.
1992 New hostess uniforms designed by Saudi couturier Adnan Akbar were introduced.
1993 Flights operated to Asmara.
1994 Seasonal service operated to Orlando, Florida, effective July 4th. Air phone installed in selected aircrafts.  
1995 SAUDIA celebrated 50th Anniversary. On January 7th, Economy Class was upgraded and designated as Guest Class. Children's meal introduced. Al-Faris executive meal introduced in First Class for passengers who want to have their meals at any time of their choice. On October 25, 1995, SAUDIA order of 61 new aircrafts from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas was signed and finalized in Washington D.C.  
1996 New corporate identity was launched on 16 July. Scheduled services to Asmara and Addis Ababa started from Riyadh on 2nd April. Flights to Johannesburg started effective 28 October. Dhahran-Cairo flights started effective 14 December. SAUDIA website goes on-line 4 December.
1997 The first of the new aircrafts arrived in Riyadh on 25th December. Scheduled operations to Beirut resumed on February 1st, introducing reading material in Braille for blind passengers.
In the same year, Saudia built a new building.
1998 In mid-January, the first of the new aircrafts, that is, B747-468 (HZ-AIV), B777-268 (HZ-AKB) & MD-11 (HZ-ANA) were introduced into service. The airline's first MD-90 arrived in April.
1999 Starting June 1st, operations to Alexandria, Athens and Milan on a year-round basis; and Malaga and Nice, during the peak season were started. New routes were also started between Dhahran-Beirut and Riyadh-Sana'a. The airline operated its first flight SV1108 to King Fahd International Airport (KFIA) on November 28th. Smoking was banned on SAUDIA' flights between the Kingdom and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, and to/from several other Middle Eastern & African countries. SAUDIA is among the pioneers to stop smoking on its flights with the ban on smoking on its domestic flights of less than two hours taking effect in 1987.