H.H Prince Fahad Praises Training

H.H Prince Fahad Praises Training

H.H Prince Fahad Al-Abdullah, Assistant Minister of defense and Aviation and Inspector General for Civil Aviation Affairs has recently sent a cable of thanks and appreciation to H.E. The Director General for the achievements accomplished by Saudi Arabian Airlines Training and Development Department during 2007.

H.E. The DG in turn, conveyed his pride and the honor that he and his colleagues at the Airline have felt, receiving such praise from HH Prince Fahad.
The Training and Development Department have been engaged in several programs in 2007 which include the following:


Pioneers of the Future Program

Qualified university graduates were recruited and given intensive courses in Administration, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology and Leadership Skills, as well as specialized courses at IATA, in Aviation Marketing. They were also given practical training at Domestic and International Stations and Aircraft Manufacturing Plants.


Crew Leadership Training

A number of Cockpit Crew was chosen to be trained in administrative and leadership skills to enable them to take over flight operation jobs in the future.


Training Technical Services Staff

This program includes all technical staff and their assistants, who are trained in finance, cost reduction and aviation economics.


Training Program for Finance

This includes all Finance Sector Departments, Domestic and International, and aims at providing programs that hone the skills of Airline Personnel in Accounting, Secretarial Work, Information Technology and others.


Passenger Sales and Services Training

This program includes field training that aims at improving performance by developing personal skills, faster service and interpersonal relations.


Training New Recruits

To train 7490 recruits, 682 training courses were given in 2007.


Performance Management Program

This program aims at developing the necessary skills in performance assessment to gauge employee capabilities.


Finance Courses for Executives

A number of Finance course where provided to the Airline’s executives to help in perfecting their skill and assist in their decision making.


Miscellaneous Training Courses

  • Training in the Field of Customer Services
  • Training in Finance and Administration
  • On-job English Language Training


Privatization of the Prince Sultan Academy


Several meetings were held in this regard and a specialized company was chosen to assist in privatizing the Airline’s training sector, including the Academy. A committee headed by the Academy’s General Manager with representatives from Training and Development, Human Resources and Finance are currently meeting with the specialized company to finalize the matter.