5000 miles on your Avis rentals

As an Alfursan member, complete a car rental of car group C and above with Avis throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, and earn up to 5000 Alfursan bonus Miles in return.

Get the perfect start to your summer holiday with Avis. With over 6,000 locations Worldwide Avis is an incredibly reliable and affordable car hire option when you travel.



Terms and Conditions:

Bookings must be made between 1st June and 31st July 2018 for rentals checking out within the same period.

Rentals must take place within Europe, Middle East and Africa and be for car group C or above.


  • 2 day rentals you will earn 2000 miles
  • 3 day rentals you will earn 3000 miles
  • 4-6 day rentals you will earn 4000 miles
  • 7+ day rentals you will earn 5000 miles

Alfursan miles will not be awarded on 3rd party bookings, corporate, airline employee, staff or other net rates.

Your Alfursan Frequent Flyer member number needs to be entered within the booking for miles to be awarded.

The Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) or Alfursan Tier needs to be added to booking in order to receive promotional miles.

Promocode: N086300

Alfursan reward miles will only be awarded on completed Avis rentals.

Alfursan reward miles will be awarded to a member when the rental includes the member Frequent Flyer number and Alfursan member name matches the name of driver within Avis booking.

Remember to show your Alfursan member card at the Avis rental desk when checking out your car.

In case you forget to quote your Alfursan number, you can still claim missing miles for up to 6 months after your rental was completed. Please go to “missing miles” page on www.avisworld.com/alfursan.