New Direct Flights to Al Ula

Saudia is pleased to announce the launch of its new direct flight from Medina to Al Ula. Below is the schedule for the flights from now up till May 31, 2014 Alfursan members will enjoy an exclusive offer of Double Miles for this new route.

Medina to Al Ula
To/From Departure Days Departure Time* Arrival Time*
Medina to Al Ula Monday - Friday 18:45 19:25
Al Ula – Madina Monday - Friday 20:00 20:40

*Local time

Below is an illustration of the number of Miles you can earn when travel from Madina to Ula on a one way flight:


First Class Business Class Economy Class
Medina to Al Ula F J Q U
Base Reward Miles 420 294 168 126
1x Bonus Reward Miles 420 294 168 126
Total Reward Miles in your account 840 588 336 252

*Double Miles offer is valid until May 31, 2014.

Terms and Conditions:


  • Double Miles will be awarded to Alfursan members for direct flights flown between Medina and Al Ula from March 1, 2014 and May 31, 2014.
  • Bonus Miles are calculated based on cabin class and fare type.
  • Bonus Miles calculation does not take into account Silver & Gold Tier bonuses. 
  • The Double miles will be offered only on Saudia operated flights and not redemption flights.
  • The bonus miles will be credited for every eligible segment flown during the promotion period.
  • The bonus miles earned only apply to Alfursan Reward Miles and Status Miles are not affected.
  • Bonus Miles are based upon ticket purchased; members upgraded at the airport will not earn additional Miles.