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  • SAUDIA Guests holding Umrah Visas, can book and issue tickets through SAUDIA’s website on all available cabin classes.
  • Saudia guests who have Hajj visa are not allowed to book and issue tickets online and have to contact the nearest Saudia office or certified travel agency by Saudi Hajj ministry to do the needful preparations.
  • Saudia guests who are holding UMRAH & HAJJ visas will not be accepted via (Riyadh, Dammam or Yanbu) airports within code-shared flights (6xxx) which operated by other airlines.”
  • SAUDIA guests who have Tourist visa, the passenger should be has to carry a valid passport for a minimum of 6 months taking into consideration the agreements between Saudi Arabia and the other countries regarding the passport validation (example: US citizens), The tourist coming to Saudi Arabia must not be under the age of (18) unless accompanied by a guardian.

Passengers traveling with Hajj, Umrah, visit and tourist visa shall strictly follow the following instructions as per Saudi government instructions:

Tourist Traveler

Any person that wishes to enter the kingdom for a tourism purpose has to obtain a valid visa (unless his / her entry does not require that). The visa can be obtained using of the following:

  • Visa upon arrival: which the tourist can apply for upon arrival at one of the Kingdom entry points. The check-in agents at the departure station shall ensure that the tourist is allowed to apply for the visa according to the clarified list of nationalities available on the electronic platform ( and visa issuance procedures will be completed upon arrival through passport offices or via the usage of the self-services machines.
  • E-visa: is the one that tourist apply for via the website mentioned above.
  • Obtain the visa from one of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques representatives aboard.
  • According to all options mentioned above, it shall be ensured that the passenger has to carry a valid passport for a minimum of 6 months taking into consideration the agreements between Saudi Arabia and the other countries regarding the passport validation (example: US citizens).
  • The tourist coming to Saudi Arabia must not be under the age of (18) unless accompanied by a guardian.
  • The visa is for multiple visits and a validation of (12) months starting from the date of activation. The period of stay shall not exceed (90) days per visit, also does not exceed (180) days throughout the year according to security purpose

Umrah Traveler

  • Should enter and depart from (Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah or Yanbu) only without passing through other Saudi airports.
  • Should have confirmed tickets for the whole itinerary (international and domestic flights) via Jeddah or Madinah and the Minimum connecting time for domestic flights shouldn’t be less than (4 hours). In addition, they should be at the airport 4 hours prior to departure of the international flight that has a connected domestic flight.
  • Umrah Visa Holders are not allowed to perform Hajj.
  • Further details about Hajj and Umrah please click here: (

Hajj Traveler

  • Should enter and depart from (Jeddah, Madinah) Airports only without passing through other Saudi airports.
  • Hajj visa holders will enter and depart from Hajj terminal.
  • Hajj passenger should have valid passport with a valid Hajj visa attached within the passport.
  • To avoid any inconvenience at the airport, holders of Hajj visa/permit must ensure that their purchased fare is valid for Hajj and has no restrictions for those visa holders, SUPERSAVER fare are not valid for Hajj visa/permit holders. SAUDIA reserves the right to charge the passenger the fare difference between his purchased fare and the Hajj fare plus the applicable change fee at the airport before boarding the flight.
  • In the case of issuing tickets or boarding pass from Jeddah to Madinah, please ensure that the time distance between the arrival of the international flight and the takeoff of the flight to Madinah is no less than (5) hours especially during the last days of the arrival.
  • It is obligatory to get a Hajj permit to perform Hajj for pilgrims coming from the GCC countries during Hajj period. Without having Hajj permit, will be returned to his/her home country according to the guidelines set by the Saudi authorities.
  • Further details about Hajj and Umrah please click here: (


  • During the Hajj Period from 10/11/1440H (13/7/2019) to 10/12/1440H (12/8/2019), all guests holding Visit Visa are permitted to entry Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via International Airports (Riyadh or Dammam).
  • SAUDIA applies instructions and directives issued by the official authorities in Saudi Arabia regarding the transfer of SAUDIA guests who are holding visit or seasonal work visas during the Hajj (pilgrimage) season to (Jeddah and Madinah) Airports. Therefore, all guests arriving during the Hajj (pilgrimage) season have to check with the embassies and consulates of Saudi Arabia in their countries to about these instructions and directives, noting that SAUDIA will not assume liability in the event of refusal of your travel based on these instructions.

Saudia shall not accept any claim or complain in this regard in violation of the aforementioned policy & procedures and shall accept no legal responsibility in whatsoever nature.
I am aware of the visa restrictions for travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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