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Entertainment System   NEW I5000 Entertainment System
Destroy giant centipede in a mushroom field. Fight against bees, scorpions and spiders in order to save the day. It is also better for you to destroy the mushrooms, so you have more space to move and to shoot the enemies.
The object of the game is to create four suit stacks, one for each suit, from Ace to King by removing all cards form the seven columns on the playing table and from the card deck. To begin a new game, press “Restart”. To move a card fist select it, then move it to the desired position.
Guess what is the hidden word is to save our hero. His body parts disappear if letters are guessed incorrectly.
Make too many mistakes and our hero will be hanged. If you guess wrong, a part of the cowboy will be displayed in the Hangman’s noose.
You are Caveman, a brave and quite generic… cave man. Chilling under the sun, you never thought the coming adventure could one day fall upon your simple life. An erupting volcano forces you to flee for your life. The following lava pursuing you, you must use the little time that you have to find the exit of the complex underground maze you are now using as a shelter. Good Luck!
Gobble Snake
You are in control of a snake searching for food. Every time the snake eats it will grow. If you bite yourself while hunting your prey, you will lose a life!
Battleship is a naval battle game where each player fires at his opponent one after the other. The goal is to sink all five enemy ships.
Select and turn a card to see the item on the other face, and then try to find its match. The two matched cards will instantly disappear. Make a mistake and the cards will turn back.
You can choose between 4 categories: Numbers, Dates, Words or Dialogs. Each category contains 3 lessons and 3 related activities. Also, if you perform well during the activities, you will unlock a minigame to practice while having fun.
Virtual Bowling
Set the position of the ball using left and right keys, and then push the green button when it is positioned to your liking. Press the green button and watch the ball go.
Bowling tournament
Welcome to In-Flight Bowling Tournament, a simple game based on the popular sport. The controls will allow you to throw your ball in a very realistic way, even giving you the possibility to add some effects.
Destroy the horizontal rows of blocks by completing them with the falling blocks. You must do this before the lava reaches the top of the volcano.
The object of the game is for a player to move all of his pieces into his home board and then bear them off. The first player to bear off all of his pieces wins the game.
Play against a friend or the computer and try to fill your score bar before your opponent does. See how the strategy added by the falling chips in the rack and the strange power-ups can turn your own luck against you.
Chinese solitare
The goal of the game is to finish with only one peg in the center of the board. To do so, you must eat pegs by jumping over them with another one. You can only jump over a peg if the jump ends in a hole. You can jump in every orthogonal directions ( up, down, left or right).
Your playing pieces are white, and your opponent’s pieces, played by the computer, are black. You start by moving one of your white pieces. Play then continues by alternating between black and white
You need to have the right answer for each horizontal and vertical clue to solve the crossword. Once all correct answers are entered, the puzzle will be solved and you will be asked if you want to play again.
Solitaire gives you the opportunity to bring all your cards home to the same suit. The success of your game depends on how you decide to play your deck. You can play it with one or three cards. Use all the cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks.
Disney classic
Louie, Dewey and Huey have prepared a game for you. They have placed cans and laundry lines around the backyard and you must knock these down using the water hose. Each of these objects will display a different symbol.
You must fight the aliens threatening to deplete earth’s life force. The objective of Invasion is to destroy all of the enemy’s spacecrafts in order to protect the earth.
Hangman Jr
Welcome to the classic game of hangman. You will have 6 chances to guess the word, or the paper hangman gets it!
Zupple Junior
Try to place the pieces back into place to reveal the hidden image!
Select the number of pieces in your puzzle. Then, rearrange the pieces to uncover the original image.
The object of chess is simple. Move your pieces on the board to capture your opponent’s king. However, making that capture or checkmate, is anything but simple!
Busy Bee
You control BZZZ, the busy bee, and have to pick all the flowers in the area. Watch out for Burp the frog, Plop the fish, and Flip the bird!
The object of the game is to uncover matching pairs of cards.
Cave Crunch
Guide the caveman through the mazes and eat everything you find. Eat all the fruit in one level to go to the next one. Grab a powerful club to smash all the wild creatures that are after you.
Grab a club and a ball, and head for the golf course! The objective of the game is simple: get the ball in the hole with as few shots as possible, within 10 shots. As you work your way through the 9 holes, you are guaranteed loads of fun.
Magma Zone
Use the flying saucer to bounce the ball and break the bricks, and get extra points by collecting bonus asteroids. You must keep the ball from falling into the magma, or else you will lose a life.
Sudoku is played on a 9x9 grid, subdivided in 3x3 blocks. The goal is to enter numbers 1 through 9 in each cell of the grid, so that each number appears exactly once per cell group (row, column and block). A number of cells, the “givens”, are already filled out for you in the beginning to help you solve the puzzle.
In the came of Tangram. You must use the seven pieces, or “tans”, to cover the shape of each puzzle that appears to you.
The object of the game is to remove lines form the Matrix to score points, and survive as long a s possible. The game is over when a Terimino is blocked form entering the Matrix.
Tik Rack Toe is a unique game inspired form “Tic Tac Toe”. In this version, we are introduced to two lovely little creatures named Tik and Toe.
  Trivia tournament
In this game, you are presented questions about different subjects. You will get points for each question you answer correctly. The faster you answer, the more points you get. After each question, you will be able to read more about the subject of the question.
  Zupple Jr
Zupple Jr. is a challenging puzzle game where the goal is to reassemble an image that has been all mixed up. There are several images to choose form along with three levels of difficulty so that the game remains challenging yet not too frustrating. In addition, there are two ways to solve a puzzle, Jigsaw and Slide modes.
Catch some fast and furious gem-matching fun. Just click on 2 adjacent gems to swap them, and make sets of three to score! Use your matching and logic skills to get multiplier bonuses.

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