Saudia’s program for the Pioneers of the Future


Saudia’s program for the Pioneers of the Future is one of the leading programs in the development of air transport industry. Where they are, through the rehabilitation of a group of young Saudi ambitious recent graduates from universities, and prepare them to assume leadership positions in various areas of SAUDIA.

Definition of the Program

Saudia's Program for the Pioneers of the Future consist of rehabilitation of outstanding graduates of universities holding Bachelor's and Master's degrees scientifically and behaviorally to work in the field of air transport industry, through the placement in intense and focused programs which includes a number of intensive training courses which are presented in the training departments of Saudia or houses of international experience in the disciplines of management, finance, accounting and marketing in addition to a number of diplomas on the global air transport industry of specialized international bodies such as (IATA). 

The program also will include several phases of applications and practical training in various sectors of the Saudi Airlines internally and externally. The trainee is going through multiple stages of performance evaluation during the period of the program to determine the capabilities and tendencies of each trainee.

The program takes two years, during which the trainee gets the advantages of good financial benefits as well as tickets, uniforms, books and medical insurance. After graduation, graduates are assigned to suitable posts in any of the departments that are commensurate with the capabilities and tendencies of the trainee ..